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Social network provides a platform to share research


Journalists interested in communicating about research may find great use in a social network that compiles blogs and provides a forum for discussions and requests for information.

The Research and Media Network contains a social bookmark facility that updates automatically as new Web sites are added, forming a pool of information that can assist researchers with their work.

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Resource aggregates free multimedia tools for journalists


Journalists interested in building a community news Web site from scratch can now access a resource put out by the Knight Citizen News Network (KCNN) that aims to help journalists create a low-cost multimedia site.

The resource, called "The Freebies List," is an aggregation of 73 free tools, in categories including: Search Engine Optimization & Metrics; Slideshows & Presentations; Content Management Systems; Multimedia; RSS Readers; and more.

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Journalist launches training platform for journalists worldwide


A new English language journalism training Web site has been launched with the aim of providing journalists with training materials on a variety of topics, including media management, investigative journalism and editorial ethics.

Media Helping Media (MHM) aims to provide a platform for journalists in transition states, post-conflict countries and areas where freedom of expression and media are under threat.

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Global association for sports press launched


The International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN) was recently formed to “defend and promote the interests and freedom of the sports press,” according to a news report by the News Association of Newspapers (WAN).

Olé in Argentina, Lance in Brazil, El Mundo Deportivo and Marca in Spain, and two additional sports newspapers formed IASN to be a “marketing tool” for sports brands. In addition, IASN will “promote sports and reading among children; encourage volunteerism in the sporting world; fight against racism and xenophobia in sport; promote the use of sport as a tool in development policies; and safeguard the ethical and economic interests of sports newspapers,” added WAN’s news report.

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Online ‘Briefing Books’ provide access to declassified U.S. records


Journalists from around the world can now access declassified documents on topics including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and more, recently made available online by The National Security Archive at Washington, D.C.'s George Washington University.

The 'Briefing Books' relate to Europe, Latin America, China and East Asia, as well as in relation to nuclear history and the U.S. intelligence community.

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Young journalists sought to write investigative pieces for Wave magazine


Young journalists from around the world can submit entries to Wave magazine, an international Web-based youth project looking for international cooperation. Entries are expected before the 10th of each month.

The magazine’s objective is to promote quality investigative journalism among young journalists that impacts its international audience. College students are also welcome to submit their work. For now, submissions are accepted in English and Serbian.

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Citizen journalism platform accepting entries, offering payment


The social media Web site AllVoices invites citizen journalists around the world to register on its Web site and submit entries. Contributors can earn cash rewards based on the number of views of their articles.

The site invites interested people to post a story, upload media or send text messages to the site. On AllVoices, users can market their content, share it with friends and earn cash up to US$10,000.

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Online resource tracking media freedom around the world


International journalists are encouraged to publicize threats to press freedom and track media freedom worldwide on's new Dipity page.

The Dipity page, called "International Journalism: media freedom around the world," features a world map including a timeline with news and events related to freedom of the press.

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Online film teaches basics of videojournalism


An eight-minute film, produced by the U.K.’s National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), offers technical tips and guidelines on shooting news videos for Web sites.

The project comes as a response to the changing nature of newsrooms, which asks more and more reporters to shoot film, according to an article on

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Global kids radio seeks cooperation, contributions


A German-based youth radio program for kids ages 3 -13 worldwide called Radijojo is inviting radio journalists from around the world to contribute and become part of its network.

Radijojo, which invites children to make their own shows, currently produces educational and cultural content with the contributions of schools, communities, radio stations and child projects from countries in five continents.

Programs are focused on early music education, transnational understanding, health education, ethics, environmental education, science programs, language learning, promotion of peace, political awareness, children's literature, etc.

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